The Newest Building Project

So – you know that Dave likes to build stuff? Well, he does. Just about the time he thinks that he’s done building things, I come up with a new idea for something for him to build. Because you know that while he likes to build things, I really like to come up with ideas. Ideas are so much free fun. That is until they take over my life and I decide to do something about them. Like tell my husband that it’d be really great to have a garage all to myself. Built up next to the kitchen so I don’t have to hoick our bags and bags of groceries up two flights of steps; built away from his garage so that when he needs to mechanic on a machine or build something then I don’t have to park outside in the cold. Actually, now that I think about it, it’d really be better for him if he built another garage for me because then he’d have more space in his garage – in fact, then he’d have a SHOP! Yes, really he needs to build on; a shop would be so useful for him to have. Just think of all the advantages if he had a shop: woodworking projects, warm snowmachine rebuilds, easy access to all of his tools, no more sharing space with the Christmas decorations and canning jars.

Yep, that was pretty much the process for deciding to build an extra garage. Then we decided that since the foundation and the roof are the expensive parts it would be really great (and not too expensive) to expand the master bedroom. So that’s what we’re doing.

Last summer, to kick off this little project, we totally re-landscaped the entire property. (This wasn’t part of my original idea – this is what happens when Dave gets a hold of my ideas. 🙂 ) We were able to borrow a 966 Loader for the summer and Dave really had fun. By the end of the summer we had a new yard, a new driveway, a new parking area and a new concrete slab. No garage yet – that comes later.

This summer we’re hoping to get the expansion closed in so Dave will have a little somethin’ to work on this winter – he’d get bored if he didn’t have a little project to keep him occupied.  So far? Two walls are up. This is only a few hours’ worth of work. Framing is the fast part. At this rate, by this time next week the whole thing will be framed and sheeted – maybe even sided. Then again, maybe by this time next week we’ll still be looking at two framed walls. Life happens.


West Wall - built in two sections. Jay came over and helped raise them. He's much stronger than I am. They didn't drop them.

South Wall - Dave and I lifted this together. We only dropped it once. It's heavy.


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