On Their Way In

Emerging birch leaves. May 5, 2012

“Leaf Out” is a spring event I impatiently look forward to every year. One day the trees are bare naked and the next they are decked out in a lovely, bright, new-green haze. Just a couple of days later the baby leaves have moved on to middle-green adolescence and after a week has gone by they are full on dark-green adult leaves. It’s amazing how quickly the process happens.


Things are a bit different this year. First of all, the leaves popped several days ago – April 28th, actually. I don’t remember this ever happening so early. The weather had been so wonderfully warm (in the upper 40s and 50s!) that the little leaves were coaxed out a couple of weeks early. I was getting pretty excited about the long summer we were apparently going to have. I should have known. May 1 hit and the temperatures went DOWN. In fact, they went so far down that it began snowing! I don’t like it when it snows in April; I get really crabby when it snows in May. (Dave, on the other hand, very cheerfully told me this morning that it was “snowing a blizzard” in Summit – but that’s another story.) For the past several days the temps have lived in the 20s; and the leaves have stopped growing – they are waiting for it to get warm again before they emerge any more. They’re smart.

According to the little weather app on my computer screen it’s supposed to get up to 47* today – then again, it also says that it’s cloudy out, but when I look out the window I see that, so far, the sun is blazing away with very few clouds in the sky. But, things change. Things can change very quickly in fact. Like bare branches suddenly tossing on their green habiliments.

So, hopefully, my little cold-induced crabby spell is on its way out and the leaves are on their way in.



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