How Does Our Garden Grow?

April 17 – earliest greenhouse pic

In some ways it feels as though we’ve had the greenhouse open for months, yet, when I check the calendar I see it’s only been six weeks. I’m amazed at how quickly some plants grow. In March and April when we plant the seeds or set in the little seedlings I ALWAYS think, “There is no way this thing is going to grow large enough to fill this space – I really should plant more.” And I’m ALWAYS wrong! They do grow large enough to fill the space. Then in May when everything has gotten huge planting less next year becomes my goal. This year, however, we decided to extend our garden by planting a long flower border along the edge of the lawn. We need at least four hundred plants for this little project. Why would we do this? Two reasons: 1.) Flowers are beautiful, 2.) Our nephew and his bride will say their vows here this July.

Before Kaleb and Brittany decided to have their wedding here and we decided to plant a huge flower border, we’d asked several friends if they wanted to share our greenhouse with us. We thought it would be a great way to make use of the space, and spend time with friends. I told them that it would be easy. (Ha!) Just come over once a week, check the plants and water everything. I assured them it would only take them 15 or 20 minutes. It turns out I lied.

It takes FOREVER to water and check everything. OK, not forever, but a lot longer than 15 or 20 minutes.

Girls, I promise, I didn’t intend to trick you into this! I promise I was only going to plant just what we needed to for the greenhouse bed and the deck beds.

Well, that and the hanging baskets.

Oh, and the wall boxes.

Really, not that much.

Forty-two flats of flowers and vegetables, twenty or so pots of herbs and vegetables and eight hanging baskets later (not to mention the greenhouse bed full of tomatoes, herbs and cucumbers), I’m starting to get overwhelmed. I started hardening everything off today – that is, hauling every one of the aforementioned outside to get a little sun and fresh air. It took over an hour of steady work to get everything out and back in again. Not so bad – except I’ll do this EVERY day for the next couple of weeks. OY!

Getting hardened off – the daily sun bath.

OK, ok, ok. I’m not really complaining. Actually, I’m having so much fun. I love watching this stuff grow. And I’m excited to think about the beautiful flowers, vegetables, and herbs we, and our friends, are going to enjoy this summer. I’m also so happy to think about how beautiful it will be for Kaleb and Brittany’s wedding. All of the work is just part of my exercise plan – getting THAT out of the way while I have fun – how great it that?

Greenhouse – beginning of Week 6



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