Progress! It’s a Good Thing.

Do you remember that the last time I wrote about our building project I gushed that we could probably have everything framed up in a week and might even have it sheeted and sided? But, then I felt just a moment of reality and said that Life might interfere? Yes, I know you all knew Life would happen. Sometimes I like to indulge in bits of fantasy. It’s fun. So, okay, Life happened and the garage isn’t totally done. But! Progress has been made.

First of all, in the Life happening department, Lee found his own apartment and doesn’t live here anymore. Sigh. Isn’t it weird that some of Life’s best moments are also some of the less pleasant? One of our goals has been to raise up godly men who will go and raise godly families of their own. Lee’s doing it! And I’m sad. … And I’m glad. Shoot.

Then, Dave and Scott went to Summit for their last ride of the year. I’d love to give you a great tale of their adventures in the mountains – but I lack the technical and literary expertise to make (what seems to me) a ride up the hill and back down again (over and over and over) interesting.

Dave doesn’t carry a still camera when he rides. He has a GoPro strapped to something (his head, his chest, the machine) and he has a hand-held video camera. He and Scott take lots of video so Dave can make his year-end movie. He was unhappy with his shots this year, so I’m not sure if a 2012 movie is in the making or not.

On one of their rides they explored some ice caves. Dave got some good video of it and Scott sent over a still shot – note the cool ice crystals. I also include a pic Scott (so you can see who he is) and one of Dave’s “new” machine.

Dave in the Gakona Glacier Ice Cave
(picture taken by Scott Randby – May 2012)

(picture taken by Jeff Green, McCarthy, March 2010)

Dave’s “new” 800
(picture taken in Summit, 2012 Arctic Man)

Next, Wyatt and Ben came home from Oregon. Happy day! Besides just enjoying their company, they keep us entertained with their stories from school. And they impress us with their intellectual, character and spiritual growth. Dave had work for them at the Truss Company so they’ve gotten right back into the swing of things with home, work and friends.

All of that is why the garage isn’t done. However, I did tell you that progress has been made. In just a couple of evenings Dave put together the north wall. Ben gave him a hand with knocking it together and then Wyatt and I helped stand it up. I can tell you it is WAY easier to lift a wall with four people than with two. Having it not get dark anymore is pretty helpful also. Although, for the neighbors’ sake, we try not to make too much noise past 10:30 p.m.; that, and Dave and I are too old to be staying up so late. yaaaaawn. …

Last night, while inspecting the work that had been done, we agreed that it’s a good thing to have projects to work on together. Here are some of the benefits we talked about:

1.)    It takes time to complete a project, meaning that we have to keep working at it – like life, good things don’t come immediately. Over time we can see the progress and results of our work.

2.)    We have a goal in mind, so we can anticipate the finished product and all the help and joy we will get from it. When we are tired or discouraged it helps to keep the goal in mind.

3.)    We’re doing it together – we’re a Team, we each have areas of expertise and we need one another to do Our best. Working together also gives us many opportunities to learn from each other, to practice love by doing what is best for one another, and to trust one another.

Dave and Ben worked on knocking together the north wall.


Wyatt inspecting the work, while Dave nails down the top plate.
(picture taken about 10:15 p.m.)

So, there’s this week’s building progress report. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Progress! It’s a Good Thing.

  1. Boy it is sure light out at night up there in Alaska. You are making a lot of progress, so that is great. And you are a good gardener, it takes a lot not to be discouraged in cold Alaska weather.
    YOU all are doing great! Thanks for posting, this in facebook so I could see your blog.
    I started a blog and didn’t know how to do it on this Word Press, so did it on the Google Blog. I was trying to get it going but couldn’t figure something out, it has been awhile and now forgot what I was trying to do. It was in the setting it up part. Oh well it is hard for a great grandma to figure out all this tech stuff. Love and Hugs The other Grandma Joyce

    • Joyce – thank you so much for reading the blog. 🙂 Your encouragement for the blog, our gardening, and building projects is greatly appreciated. I know you and Don have definitely done your share of building and can understand the amount of work involved.
      I can empathize with your confusion on setting up the blog. I’m just doing what I can at the moment and trying to learn as I go along. This probably means that things will change up every so often as I figure things out. Don’t give up on doing a blog – I’m sure you can figure it out. I’d guess there are several of your grandchildren who could advise you. 🙂 keep trying! ~Renee

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