How Does the Garden (continue to) Grow?

Digger Ben

Our gardening endeavors continue to advance. I’m getting into the routine of pulling everything out of the greenhouse and putting it all back in daily. (Actually – I’m getting into a routine of inveigling whoever is around into helping me move things in and out. :-)) Although a few plants are still a bit shocked at the sun and wind treatment, most things are looking pretty happy. I’ve noticed that their growth seems to have slowed down a bit – and for that I’m glad. Nighttime temperatures are still too low to leave the plants out without having to take season-extending measures, and even with them I’m concerned about a killing freeze. So, while we wait a few more days to let our night-time temperatures come up, we’ll give everything its daily sunbath and continue working to get the beds ready for the transplants.

looking southwest on the lawn

looking northeast on the lawn

Speaking of beds… Ben dug the big lawn border bed for me. We measured it and it’s only 157’ instead of the 200’ that I was expecting. I think this means I’m going to have leftover plants; no worries though, I’m sure I’ll find someplace to put them. 🙂 We’re going to lay soaker hoses in the trench so that watering will be relatively quick and easy.

Albion strawberries, happy in their terraced box.

We now have two terraced boxes of strawberries planted. Twenty-five plants each of the ever-bearing Quinault and Albion varieties. Ever-bearing means that they will set fruit on two or three times a year. Though the berries are grown as perennials Outside they are considered annuals here in the Interior of Alaska. The literature advises that I pinch off the first buds so that I’ll have a higher yield later in the season. Ouch! It is always so HARD to “pinch off” or thin, or prune. However, I must learn to take the advice and look for better results l  a  t  e  r.

Deck boxes are ready to be planted.

We haven’t planted anything on the deck yet. I’ve been waiting for Ben to get home. He’s my digger. He’s young and vigorous. He can manhandle the full wheelbarrow up the deck stairs much more efficiently than I can. I think it has something to do with being young, … and vigorous, … and a man. As soon as he has time, I’m going have him put it bit more soil into the boxes. Then we’ll plant all the salad seeds and then replace all the little greenhouse lids so things will be nice and cozy for the next few weeks. I like planting before Memorial Day weekend. It makes me feel tricky somehow – as if I’m pulling something over on the weather. We’re not being too cocky though; notice everything on the deck will have its own little greenhouse. And anything I put in the ground will be given a nice protective cover – just in case it does decide to frost again.



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