Working, Working, Working

Dave has definitely hit his summer stride. This means that he works all day at the Truss Company, then comes home and works all evening. If he weren’t so old he’d work until 11 or later like he used to. But, alas, (or thank goodness!) he can’t keep up that kind of pace anymore. Besides the neighbors aren’t keen on listening to the banging too much past 10.

I remember when we were building this house he’d get up at 5 a.m. to work on the house for a couple of hours before going to his day job. He’d come home at 5:30, eat dinner and go right to work again, staying at it until 11 p.m. He did this every day all summer long. It was a good thing he worked so hard since it snowed that year on September 8th.

Though he can’t quite manage those hours anymore, he seems to work much smarter – that and he has better tools (air nailer, chop saw, scaffolding, etc.), so he’s able to accomplish a lot. He’s very persistent.

SW corner 5 21 12

View from southwest corner.

NW corner 5 21 12

View from northwest corner.

Since I last updated this he’s has sheeted the garage, put in the bedroom subfloor, taken the siding and plywood off the upper section of the house, and put up two more walls. Tonight he’s working on building the final wall. He’ll probably call the boys out soon to help him stand it up. He told me that the trusses are being built, so I’m thinking those will get set pretty soon.

You can see in the pictures that we put a huge tarp up over the project. It’s done a good job of keeping any weather out, but today one corner began tearing away. It’ll be good to get the trusses up and take the tarp down.

Lest you think the boys and I have abandoned Dave to working on the house all alone, please believe me when I say we haven’t! But what we’ve been up to is for another post. 🙂



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