Keeping Boredom At Bay


So, because we don’t have enough to do, because we are always looking for another project to drive away boredom (ha!), and because it was time… we redecorated the smallest bedroom. With two family weddings on line this summer and the accompanying throng of relatives we decided it was time to convert one of the boys’ bedrooms into an inviting guest room. At first we were going to make the bigger basement bedroom the guestroom, but after thinking about it for a while decided that the little one was the better choice. I’m looking into the future here and seeing Lee, Wyatt and Ben come back home with their wives and children. It would be good to have a larger bedroom for all the kids to bunk in, and a smaller room for the parents to be able to retreat to. Besides, I had a great decorating idea and really wanted to try it out. (You know me and ideas.)

So, as soon as Wyatt and Ben got home from school (I do mean the MOMENT they arrived) I told them what I wanted to do and asked that they room together in the big bedroom this summer. They very graciously said, “Sure, Mom,” and did as I asked. A little later (I did give them a few hours to settle in), they took out the built-in desk and all the shelving and scrubbed down the walls. And then they taped off all the trim so all I had to do was walk in and paint. Which is what I did.

I started by rolling on a soft, creamy white over the (used to be) brilliant white walls. Then, on the west wall, I stenciled birch trunks in a pale pinky tan. This was followed by a deeper shade of the pinky tan. I was going to put a third layer of trunks in and even deeper shade, but decided that the wall was getting busy enough and went straight to the warm black I’d chosen for the final layer. Once I’d gotten the trunks painted on I used the branch stencil to add in some horizontal texture. Before the branches were added the wall looked like I had painted stuttering stripes on it. Not good.

Building the layers.

On the east wall I kept it simple by just putting on three birch trees in the soft black tones. Ben and I discussed adding leaves to the branches, but we decided it was best to leave the branches bare.

The guys all built the bedstead and Ben built the attached hickory side tables.

What do you think of the results?

Sharon is our first guest in the room. Mom Persón you’ll be next. Then, Dave and Carla, you’re up. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did putting it all together for you.



7 thoughts on “Keeping Boredom At Bay

    • Ruth!
      That is a great idea. Yes. Because of the weddings (6/30 and 7/4) the room will be full until late July. 🙂 After that it’ll be ready for another occupant. 🙂

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