Up and At-Em

Hey. I thought y’all might like to know how Dave is doing one week after his step off the roof.  At the moment he’s working outside, in the sunshine, trying to loosen up his stiff neck muscles. (I’m still not sayin’ a thing about his stiff neck-ed ness.) The building project needs a bit of cleanup work done so he’s picking up boards and garbage and sweeping the floors.

Notice the stiff posture.

He says that his sternum doesn’t bother him much, except when he needs to get up or lay down, or when he needs to move his arms together or when he needs to breathe. See? He’s fine.

He moves very carefully – but he’s moving.

He was annoyed with me taking pictures of him, so he wouldn’t look anymore.

What’s really bugging him is his neck. The muscles are tight and swollen. He can tolerate being up standing for a while before he has to sit down and give the neck a break. He’s been using an icepack to good advantage.

The gashes on his head are healing. I took out some of the staples on Friday, but felt that the rest needed to stay in for another day or two. We’ll probably remove those soon. The lumps under the cuts are reducing a bit. Still, he’s a bit taller with his top o’the head goose egg.

This week he worked two full days, Thursday and Friday. Then he slept much of Saturday, before going to a 28th anniversary party for our friends, Jay and Kim Williams. We’re planning to go visiting again tonight, so I imagine he’ll rest up before that. He says he can hurt there as well as here and he might as well have some fun while he’s hurting. That’s my man.

Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement. It means a lot.



6 thoughts on “Up and At-Em

  1. Well, Dave, you look a bit tentative, but alive. Please be careful with yourself. We love you two so very much. Renee, I am praying for you as you look after your man. I know the stress on you, too. Give the boys our love, too. M&D

  2. Thank you so much for the updates, Renee. I’m so thankful that Dave is up and about and as determined as usual. Praying that your heart will be at peace as you also recover from this latest episode in the Person Chronicles.

    • Determination can be a very good thing, Bonnie. Having balance with determination is the tricky part. I appreciate the prayers for peace – my heart would be grateful for some peace.

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