Lee & Beth Persón


Lee and Beth Person!

What a day! What a great day we had for Lee and Beth’s wedding. I’d say it was perfect; sunshiny with gorgeous clouds, a good breeze to keep the bugs at a minimum and to help us stay cool. There were just a few sprinkles to give us a thrill. Family abounded. Friends surrounded us. Lee and Beth we so totally thrilled to be getting married. Happy, happy sigh.

Please enjoy the pictures – and know that we’ll post more as we can. The pictures come from several sources. We don’t yet have the photographer’s photos, but will share some when we can.


The wedding site. The arch was built by Beth’s brother, Tim.

The gathered the gifts and cards on the tailgate of their ’72 Chevy – “Clyde”.

Prepping the ice cream.

The crankin’ crew.

Mom and Robin and Bridesmaid Amanda put the ribbons on the birch pole aisle.

Lee calming his nerves while he waits for his bride.

Sigh. Isn’t this beautiful? What a site, what a day, what a couple!

Jubal and Hannah played the processional and recessional, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” on their guitar and penny whistle.

Until the next wedding or dramatic event…



Beth’s new in-law’s aren’t strange at all.


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