July 4th Wedding

Kaleb and Brittany Rowland – July 4, 2012

The Entire Party –
family, friends who were directly involved in putting on the wedding.

How would I describe Kaleb and Brittany’s wedding? “A Party” – and WOW!, what a party! For the principle members involved it was a lot of planning and work and the day probably had its stresses, but as an attendee (even with it at my home) it was a truly great bash. Over two hundred family members and friends came to celebrate with Kaleb and Brittany, and it was awesome. From the sprightly, though, ahem, curiously, ahhh, old flower girls to the live band with square dancing to the sparkler send off it was an afternoon and evening of ear to ear smiles, and happy laughter.

Thank you Kaleb and Brittany for choosing our home place to celebrate the kick-off day of your marriage!

(The following pictures are from various cameras – you’ll have to contact Kaleb and Brittany to see the real, official photographer’s photos.)

The Core Wedding Party
Ain’t they all purdy?

Note the arch in the background and the cool picket fence behind the border; I want one of those fences, this one was borrowed.

Dave with his lovelies – he still carries their pictures in his wallet.
I know this has absolutely nothing to do with the wedding – I just couldn’t resist, cause it’s such a great picture. And I love them.

Square dancing –
Is that Keith swinging Laurie or is Laurie swinging Keith?

Ben and Hannah were the winners of the garter and bouquet respectively. You should have seen these two AGGRESSIVELY compete for the prizes. I think they might possibly be interested in marriage. To others. Not each other.

The sparkly (well, smokey anyway) send off.

Until next time!



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