The Bloomin’ Gardens


Love, love, love this long line of color. Ahhh, it feeds my soul.

One week after Kaleb and Brittany got married the flowers decided to bloom. You can see from a couple of pictures of their wedding (see previous post) that there were a few flowers out, but if we had waited just one more week – whewie, what show! We are totally enjoying it anyway. The calendulas are the most spectacular now, and the nasturtiums are right with them. I thought that the sunflowers would grow a bit higher than they have, yet I like their contrasty-ish bloom size down amongst the calendulas.


Livingston Daisy’s – oooh! I like.

The pink and blue version of the nemesia – I really like the snapdragon-like flowers on these.

The Livingston Daisy’s and the little nemesias are giving a contrast in color with their very bright pinks. Some things like the tall sunflowers, the love-lies-bleeding and the lupine are slower than I expected. I am reminding myself that this is a good thing – not everything blooms and then dies all at once.

I only have about a dozen of these gorgeous deep purple poppies, next year I will be planting MORE! I think, too, I will put in some of the deep red variety; I think the reds will play nicely.


Music Box Sunflower, barely knee high. I really like these.

The deck boxes look lush, they are full of good things – and so is the greenhouse. We are eating off our bounty and I like it. I am making (mental) notes about what to do next year. When I meet success, my idea mill explodes. Dave is a VERY GOOD balance for me. He gently, yet firmly, reminds me that one of the main reasons this year’s garden is successful is because it is not too big. Yes, yes, yes, I hear him, so I’ll just keep a nice little file of good ideas for when we’re ready to expand. Again.

Pacing, balance, maintenance: words to live by. Words that aren’t part of my natural make-up. But, characteristics that God is working on in me. And Dave’s helping Him. Sigh.


The tall cherry rose sunflowers are taking FOREVER to decide to bloom. Their buds look totally cool though.

A blue, blue bachelor button – must plant more of these next year.

We cannot forget the fireweed – somehow God’s gardens always turn out better.

Bees are VERY hard to catch sitting still, about the time you get them in focus, they’re OFF!

Bright blue flowers that I must plant more of next year. This is an accidental volunteer from a couple of years ago – now to figure out what it is so I can get more seed.

This cranky little guy lives on the stairs and will glare at you if you get too close to him. He prefers to work quietness and solitude.

Lovin’ my garden. Lovin’ my favored life.




3 thoughts on “The Bloomin’ Gardens

  1. Renee, your flowers are gorgeous. It makes me miss gardening. Alas, the fishing season always calls at the same time. The blue blossoms (the ones about which you’re unsure) remind me of something that my mom & Maxine DeVilbiss called Baby Blue Eyes (I think). It’s been so long that I can’t remember for certain.

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