No. I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. No, I didn’t die. No, I haven’t been in the hospital or on vacation or anything. I’ve been, ahem, resting. Yes, I planted my backside on the couch with a stack of books and DVDs and have only done the basics (some cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc.). My plan (if I had a plan) was to recover a bit, to restore some energy. But, instead of being energized I just felt guilty. (Think Proverbs 24: 30 – 34 – yikes!) Dave, on the other hand has been doing more than sitting around. He, along with help from Ben and David (Rowland) and Scott and Jay finished shingling the roof. It was a HUGE job that took him at least two weeks to complete.

We’d decided that we’d had enough of steel on the roof and chose to resurface it with shingles. When I say “we” I actually mean “Dave”. I have no idea why we decided to change the roof surface, other than the creosote from the chimney eats the steel and Dave’s tired of replacing it. Knowing Dave, there were several other, very good reasons to do it. So I’m content to say “we decided” and leave it at that.

We chose “Antique Black” as our color and I think it looks particularly good with the white trim and blue siding already on the house. With the cohesiveness of the shingles across the upper-roof line it is impossible to tell that the new part of the house is actually new. Okay, other than the fact that we have no front door or garage door. Besides that, I mean.

After finishing the roof, Dave called the gutter man (so many permutations on this running through my head –but I’ll resist) to have brand new gutters installed next week. Dave’s now in the process of cleaning up. The outside looks pretty good, but his garage (I LOVE that term!) is a disaster area. He’ll be spending several evenings getting it ready for winter.

Cleaning out the garden beds.

With September here, it’s time to say good-bye to the gardens (I’m not yet proficient at the fall season-extending techniques).  I’ve taken out all of the annuals, cut back the perennials, and am in the process of adding soil amendments (lime, manure, etc.). The guys built a raised raspberry bed for me and we’ve got it filled with ten canes planted in it. I think I want at least five more beds, three for raspberries and two for currants.

Putting together the raspberry bed.

After Ben and Dave built the bed and set it in the general area, I leveled it and started filling it.

After digging for about a million years, my shoulders and hands said, “Enough! This is what boys are for.” Please note the sweat running down my brow – also, my head is drrrrrenched! I do occasionally work hard. 🙂

During my “resting time” I foolishly did not pay attention to the greenhouse as I should have. We paid the price with an infestation of aphids that ruined the cucumbers and several herbs. There was no rescuing the plants, so I removed them and treated the area to get rid of the nasty little things.

The poor neglected greenhouse. Note to self: never, never, never, let one or two teeny, tiny, little aphids have their way. They WILL take over!

As an addition to our arsenal of kitchen tools, we purchased a Filter-Pro dehydrator. I’ve been soaking and dehydrating grains to grind for fresh bread. Did you know that you get more nutrition from soaked grains? I didn’t and I find it fascinating that it is so. The bread has a different flavor, too. Oh, so many cool things to learn about!

After drying the grain, I moved on to fruit: strawberries, bananas, kiwi and pineapple. Ben and David approve of my efforts.

Soaking grain for the dehydrator. I followed someone’s directions when doing this. However, the grain swelled so much that the jar broke. So, lesson learned. Don’t fill the jar too full AND place it at an angle so the grain has somewhere to move.

We really like this dehydrator. It has a fan, a timer and variable temperatures. It came with six drying trays and twelve fruit leather trays. I can add up to 14 more trays! However, I think we’ll be content with the six for now.


Since September 1st, Ben has been going out most nights to hunt for moose. So far he hasn’t brought anything home except some good stories. Like the time he called in what he thought was a bull moose, but in fact turned out to be a pack of wolves. That elevated his heart rate. Or the time he got lost and drove fifty miles or so before he got his bearings and made it home. Oh the things I enjoy hearing about WAAAAAAY after the fact.

Since I finished this last paragraph, hunting season has ended, at least the season around our parts. We don’t yet have a moose in the freezer; however, we do have a nice stack of filleted salmon that we are thoroughly enjoying. Maybe a moose will come later.

Picture taken in August. Where was this guy in September? Off living the good life, I suppose.



One thought on “September

  1. Renee you deserve a break, you have done so much this summer. I love your new food dehydrator. All of you have gotten a lot done this year. When the snow comes maybe Dave will rest then. Gotta rest the bones!

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