Why He’s Building It

Remember that I told you Ben was building a house? Well, there’s a good reason for him to want to be building. He’s very eager to get out on his own.

Well, that, and he’s getting married. In December. On the 28th. How’s that for construction motivation?

(photo credit: Raena Rowland of Wilder Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska)

(photo credit: Raena Rowland of Wilder Arts, Fairbanks, Alaska)


I was in Utah with Lee and Beth when Ben called to tell me the news.

“Hey Mom. It’s Ben.”

“Hey, Ben.”

Silence (Ben believes in long pauses when speaking on the phone. You must imagine them between each exchange.)

“Where are you? Are you with someone?” he asks.

“Um (I start getting nervous – this solicitous behavior is strange for Ben.), I’m here with Lee and Beth.”

“Oh, are you having a good time?”

“Uh, (anxiety level really rising) yes, we’re having fun. What about you, what’s happening?” (I can’t stand the suspense and must get to the bottom line!)

“Oh, I just wanted to let you know that I made it to Palmer safe and sound.”

“That’s good.”

“And well, I’m engaged!” (He usually prefers getting to the bottom line pretty quickly himself.)

“What?!” (I fall over with relief and joy, with tears running down my face.) “That’s great! I’m gonna put you on speaker phone – tell me all the details.”

“Well, I took her for a walk down to the cow pasture. But we decided to climb up into the birch trees, ‘cause the pasture was full of cows… and a LOT of cow patties.” (Not the vibe he was going for.) “We sat up in the trees and I asked her to marry me.”

Naughty mama that I am I started singing: “Ben and Sharon, sittin’ in a tree…” Ben actually almost giggled.

Lee and Beth and I spent the next few minutes teasing Ben and laughing with him. Yay! Another sister for our family!

Sharon Rowland is from Unalaska, Alaska. Our families have known one another for nearly  forty years. For about the last ten years we have spent Spring Break together in McCarthy. It really is our joy to have another woman in the family.

(following photos taken by Tammy Rowland)

Cows everywhere.

Cows everywhere.

Will you?.... Sure!...

Will you?….

The Rock(s)

The Rock(s)


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