Spring Break 2014 Days 1 and 2

Day 1 – We made it to McCarthy safely. LONG trip this time. 9 1/2 hours. Old truck, old trailer, old driver (he said it, not me!). Move in went well as it was warm: a balmy 38*. Started the oil stove only find find it wouldn’t draw. Thought the stack was blocked. Dave climbed up on the roof (after putting the ladder up on sawhorses in unstable snow!) and looked down the stack while I stood on the ground praying and thinking things that won’t be shared in public. All is well, he didn’t fall (thank you LORD!), the stack wasn’t blocked – it finally warmed up enough to stop belching black smoke into the cabin. 

This is a sight that always makes us smile.

This is a sight that always makes us smile.

Day 2 –

Weather: cloudy, and falling slop, 40*

After our move-in last night, it was good to have a quiet day to finish the set-up process. We got up late-ish and puttered our way through the morning. Jubal came over around 10 looking for a new carb boot. Since he runs a 600, Dave wasn’t able to help him out. Axel dropped in about 10:30 to see if we needed any help with anything. He was just in time to catch us sitting down for brunch, a nice spread of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs and bacon with a glass of orange juice to wash it all down. Soon Laurie and Hannah arrived on skis, having heard from Axel that we were eating breakfast. (Small town dynamics at work – your business is EVERYBODY’s business!) We were getting down to a good visit when Keith arrived with his lunchbox. While their lunches disappeared we caught up on each other’s lives.

Late in the afternoon Tammy, Axel and Caitlin came by to see if anyone wanted to take a quick spin up to Kennecott via the wagon trail. Dave and Hannah suited up and they took off. They ran up to the Bonanza Bowl and checked out the conditions. Snowboarders and skiers don’t worry – they’ve left it pristine for you.

After a four-course dinner we’re ready to wind things down for the day. What will tomorrow hold?

(NOTE: I wanted to add many more pictures but the internet is very slow here, so until I figure out how to reduce the file size, I’m thinking the pictures will be few. Bummers.)


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