Spring Break 2014 Day 5 (Friday)

Weather: cloudy-ish morning, sunny-ish evening. It really depends on which direction you are looking at any given time. Temperature: 40+*

Milage: snowmachine trip: 1 mile; walker: 2.5 miles

Dinner Report: Baked Pasta, Green Beans, Green Salad, Carrot Sticks, Oatmeal Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies. Tammy, Axel and Caitlin ate with us and shared the salad and cookies.

Well I had big plans to hop on my skis again today and try out a new trail. But my knees are unhappy, so I limited myself to a walk instead. Sadly, this means no amusing story for you.

Dave and Hannah were also a bit under the weather this morning, so we puttered around the house ‘til we felt like moving. Dave ended up spending the bulk of his morning straightening out the A-arm on his machine. He set up a system of boards and straps. Hannah and I assisted him by holding boards in place, prying at strategic moments and even jumping on the boards when he told us to. It was an interesting experience and he says that the A-arm looks beautiful. (I say, keep the spare coming, Ben!)

Dave also wanted to reattach the belly pan, but had to go looking for a riveter and rivets. He brings action packers and bags and boxes full of extra parts, pieces and tools but didn’t happen to have that particular tool with him this time. He and Hannah road over to Tammy’s place, then on to Keith’s shop and finally ended up at Laurie’s before they got all the parts together to rivet the belly pan back on.

In the meantime, I stopped by Tammy’s and she and I took a walk down to Keith’s bridge and back. Then we stood on our porch, in the sun, and gabbed for a while longer. I couldn’t believe it was after three when I went inside.

I pulled out my book, curled up on the couch and relaxed. A couple of hours later Hannah and Dave arrived and said that they (including Tammy, Caitlin, Axel and Jubal) were going to run out to the ice caves on the glacier for a quick peek before dinner. They headed out and I settled in again with my book. But they were back again a few minutes later. Jubal had clutch issues with his loaner machine. He and Axel went up to Keith and Laurie’s for parts and then back to the townhouse to fix it.

Tammy, Axel and Caitlin came over for dinner and afterwards they played a round of Skip-Bo with Hannah. We heard from Jay that they’re close so we are keeping our eyes open for them.

I hear that tomorrow the crowd is planning to go beaver trapping. Woohoo! I’m sure there’ll be some good stories from that trip.


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