Spring Break 2014 – Days 6, 7 and 8


Weather – cooling down

Miles – snowmachine: 29; skis: 1 (!)

Dinner- Chili

Today’s activity: Beaver trapping towards the Chitna. Most everyone machined out to a lake watch Keith and Jay put in a few beaver sets, and play on the lake. Phillip showed up in his little plane and generously gave rides to Hannah-gita, Kimberly, Sarah Sackett, and Axel. He even played tag with the snowmachiners.

Dave’s got good footage of the day. It’ll be a long evening editing.

Kim and Andu stopped by our cabin in the afternoon and invited me to go skiing. With Kim’s good advice and excellent encouragement, I was able to actually ski (not ooch!) all the way to the airport turn-out and back. I could not believe how much easier it was to do today. I think I might actually be able to learn how to do this. The only down-side is that my knees are REALLY feeling it. Once again I must remind myself “perseverance is the key”.



Weather – coldish -4*, sunny

Miles – snowmachine: 40 something; skis: nope, nada

Dinner: Stir Fry, Rice, Pot-Stickers

Spent the morning in church with Rowlands-On-the-Hill.

Afternoon at Bonanza Bowl. I can’t give an eyewitness report since I wasn’t there. However, Dave and Hannah-gita came home with smiles. They said it was awesome. Hannah-gita did a bit of skiing. She performed a few face plants and even managed the very rare (with good reason) land-on-your-face-and-fold-yourself-in-half trick. Her back made interesting clicking sounds as her heels came up and over to touch her head, but she says she’ll be recovered soon. A hot shower and a good slathering of Deep Blue Rub helped her sleep.

Again, Dave has a goodly amount of footage to go over.



Weather – a somewhat cloudy 20*

Miles – snowmachine: 16; skis – ummm, still on break/recovery

Dinner: Shepherd’s Pie (OK, actually it’s leftovers (cabbage rolls, meatloaf, baked pasta) covered with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes – but doesn’t Shepherd’s Pie sound a LOT better?), Baked Cauliflower, Jell-O

Hannah-gita is stiff and sore from yesterday’s adventures, but it did not stop her from heading out with Dave and the rest of the group to climb the ice falls on the Nizina.

Dave is home with the GoPro and Canon full of pictures – thousands of pictures. He set up the Canon to take a series of shots. And he attached the GoPro to a long stick to follow the progress of the ice climbers. He’s got a lot to edit tonight. There are some very good snaps of people ice climbing and enjoying the bonfire. I’m thinking this year’s movie is going to pretty good.

We hear rumors of a long trip tomorrow – so I’d better get this thing posted and head to bed.

Here are a few pics for your enjoyment (sorry about the poor resolution – hazards of slow internet) …

Jay augering the holes for a beaver set.

Jay augering the holes for a beaver set.

Playing tag with Phillip

Playing tag with Phillip

The Clan

The Clan

David R owning the falls.

David R getting a grip – sort of.


One thought on “Spring Break 2014 – Days 6, 7 and 8

  1. Renee, OK, I’m just going to say it even if it sounds dumb. You guys are my hero’s right now! Sometimes it just gets SO hard to wait to see my girls that I think I’m going to explode! For some reason, it’s hardest when it gets down to the last couple months. Well, getting to see a picture of Hannah and hear the news (even if she is getting injured–She’s so like me!) is such a balm. I’m so happy that you are providing her with adventure. She and I thrive on it! Thank you for the update. I’d love to go cross-country skiing with you! Guess I’ll settle for a hike in the summer.

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