Spring Break 2014 Day 10 (Wednesday)

Weather – sunny and 25*ish

Miles – snowmachine: 36

Dinner – Potluck at Rowlands-on-the-Hill: Two versions of a southwest chicken soup, chips and cheese, hot cheesy pasta, yeast rolls, pistachio salad, green salad, chips, cupcakes, rice krispy bars, and another yummy-looking bar that I didn’t get to taste.

Dave and Hannah-gita left with the group around 10 this morning to take a ride up Fourth of July Creek. Dave says they took the longest, roughest, rockiest route across the glacier that the lead riders could find. Once up into the mountains it got a lot better. Dave says he only tipped Hannah-gita off the sled once. I heard that Ben dumped Sharon off their machine, too. I also heard that the Nitro regurgitated its oil after tumbling down a chute, so it’s spending the night alone in the mountains. Some of the guys will go out in the morning to retrieve it. And I heard that Nick was having trouble with his injectors. Although he figured out that they work better if there’s fuel in the tank.

While most of the crew was out riding the rest of us got ready for the pot-luck, and then headed up to Rowlands-on-the-Hill for the afternoon and evening. I got to play a bit of ping-pong with Andu, Caitlin and Keenan. That was fun; I haven’t played for a very long time. Well, it was fun until Dave got back and whooped the socks off me. Then I wasn’t having as much fun.

After dinner we had the annual sing-time. However, by 8 o’clock it seemed like most people had run out of steam and were ready to head home. So here we are putting the finishing touches on the day and preparing to hit the sack.

Here’s a few shots from the day…

Hannah Rowland

Hannah Rowland

Hannah-gita and Jay.

Hannah-gita and Jay.



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