Spring Break 2014 – Day 3

Weather: occasionally breezy; sunny, sometimes cloudy, but mostly sunny. Temp: near 40* most of the day, dropping this afternoon/evening.

Big activity of the day? Filling the fuel tank for the oil stove. All went well right up until the freighting sled loaded with the full fuel tank tipped over on the trail behind the house. Dave quickly got things moving in the upright direction with a couple of straps and two come-alongs. (The things that man can do with a come-along.) Hannah-gita and I got to help by pulling and pushing the levers. Axel, Jubal and Caitlin arrived to help up just as we got the sled righted and in position to hook it up to fill the tank.

Dave and Hannah-gita head to the glacier.

Dave and Hannah-gita head to the glacier.

After lunch, Dave, Hannah-gita, Keith and Axel took a very quick run up the glacier to locate some ice caves. Axel had to be back home for a class so couldn’t stay too long. Keith decided that with the tracks on the glacier he could do a fly-over and would be able to pinpoint the cave’s location for the next trip out. Hannah got very friendly with the glacier a few times when she landed face first following a couple of unplanned ejections off the ‘8’. She says it tastes pretty good.

Dinner’s over, dishes are washed, business taken care of, so it’s time to pop in a little Hogan’s Heroes and relax.

Night all!